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About Lisa Marzullo

Lisa was like no other. From her spot-her-in-a-crowd long wavy hair, to her fun and spirited attitude, Lisa made an unforgettable impression on everyone around her. Full of boldness, candor, and passion, to say Lisa lived life to the fullest is an understatement. Even while battling breast cancer, her eye was on experiencing life and traveling, and her main question for doctors was,
"When can I fly again?"

While attending Hofstra University she met her husband Dave and countless lifelong friends. After graduation, Lisa worked in communications and public relations for Hunter and Warner Media, working on everything from Jell-O Pudding campaigns to corporate communication strategy.

Outside of work, Lisa lived for her friends and family. There were few evenings where she did not have plans. On top of that, Lisa loved to travel. She was fortunate enough to see so much of this world in the short time she had here with her husband Dave, as well as with her many friends.

When breast cancer entered Lisa's life, it didn't dim her spirit. Instead, it fueled her determination to continue embracing joy. From convincing Dave to embark on a 22-hour journey to Australia post-treatment to finding solace and hope amidst the challenges, Lisa's final trip was a testament to her resilience.

Born and raised in the small town of Terryville, CT, she grew up surrounded by love from her proud parents, Andrea and Jesse Jablon, and was the watchful older sister to her younger brother, Ben. Lisa was truly a force to be reckoned with even at a young age. Ever the organizer, Lisa often found herself leading social gatherings and being deeply involved in her community and school.

Lisa's Life in Snapshots

Today, we carry forth Lisa's legacy, aspiring to bring joy and hope to others in her honor. Her memory serves as a beacon, guiding us to live each day with the same courage, zest, and unwavering spirit that defined Lisa's remarkable life.

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