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Our Mission

The Lisa Marzullo Fly Again Foundation is the only 501c3 nonprofit organization granting Dream Vacations for young adults battling breast cancer and a travel companion of their choice. Inspired by Lisa Marzullo’s resilient spirit, love of travel, and her first question during breast cancer treatment, “When can I fly again?", our mission is to “Give Flight to the Fight,” infusing hope into the lives of young adults navigating the challenges of treatment, surgery, and medical appointments.


Through customized trips, our Dream Vacation grant program strives to raise awareness of breast cancer in young adults while providing invaluable moments of respite and inspiration to those in the process of healing.

At the Fly Again Foundation, we draw inspiration from the indomitable spirit of Lisa Marzullo, whose unwavering courage and resilience continue to inspire all who knew her. Lisa faced her triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis with grace, determination, and a boundless optimism that touched the lives of everyone she encountered. 


The first and most frequent question Lisa asked when diagnosed with breast cancer was,

“When can I fly again?” Known for her love of travel, Lisa’s commitment extended beyond just exploring the world; she also had places to be, like attending weddings, baby showers, and visiting friends. This dedication, evident even amidst her diagnosis, filled her with hope and optimism, guiding her through the challenges of her fight.


Her legacy lives on through this organization. Her memory fuels our mission to uplift and support young adults battling breast cancer, reminding us of the importance of hope in the face of a fight.

Lisa Marzullo

Even when presented with low odds, she fought. When doctors told her there was only a 5% chance of beating the metastasis, she responded,
“Well, that’s better than zero.”


Even when presented with low odds, she fought. When doctors told her there was only a 5% chance of beating the metastasis, she responded,
“Well, that’s better than zero.”

David Marzullo—a devoted husband, caregiver, and travel partner to Lisa Marzullo.

Charlotte Maumus—a boss, friend, and work travel partner to Lisa Marzullo.

The two joined forces to establish the Lisa Marzullo Fly Again Foundation, driven by their deep love and admiration for Lisa Marzullo's optimism throughout her breast cancer fight. Together, they embarked on a journey of exploration, seeking ways to honor Lisa's memory and continue her legacy.
Their brainstorming sessions led them down various paths, but they consistently returned to Lisa's profound love for travel and adventure. Understanding the immense joy and solace that travel brought to Lisa during her battle with breast cancer, they envisioned using this passion to uplift others facing similar struggles. Thus, the idea of granting Dream Vacations to young adults fighting breast cancer emerged as the cornerstone of the foundation's mission.
United by their determination and inspired by Lisa's indomitable spirit, David and Charlotte embarked on this meaningful endeavor with a singular goal: to infuse hope, courage, and moments of respite into the lives of those confronting breast cancer. Their unwavering commitment not only reflects their deep personal connection to Lisa but also underscores their steadfast resolve to stand by and empower others on their challenging journeys.



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