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Give Flight to the Fight

Fly Again Foundation grants Dream Vacations to young adults with breast cancer.

Providing Invaluable Moments to Breast Cancer Fighters

Through Dream Vacations, Fly Again Foundation infuses hope into the lives of young adults with breast cancer navigating the challenges of treatment, surgery, and medical appointments.

More than 400 Fly Again Donors

We see you Fly AF Fam. We’ve been at this a few years, and we’re excited to see our donor base growing. Thank you!

87 cents of every dollar goes
to a Dream Vacation

We’re doing our best! It’s a volunteer organization, so our expenses are tied to (not-so-exciting) things like insurance.

Up to $15,000 is awarded for a Dream Vacation

Hotels. Flights. Fun. We create custom getaways for our grant recipients based on their Dream Vacation requests.

Ways to Give

Your support helps us Give Flight to the Fight.

Kick off their journey with a thoughtful welcome gift filled with travel essentials and personalized surprises from the Fly AF fam, setting the stage for an unforgettable Dream Vacation experience.


Support their dreams with a transformative travel excursion to iconic destinations like the Moulin Rouge or the bustling markets of Petra, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime for our Dream Vacation grant recipient.

The Thrill

Navigate their dreams with two roundtrip airplane tickets that literally Give Flight to the Fight, empowering our grant recipients  to explore new horizons,connect with relatives or delve into their family heritage.


Provide unforgettable memories with a seven-night international hotel stay, offering a one-of-a-kind experience where recipients can find comfort and luxury as they are immersed in top-tier accommodations.


Make breast cancer suck less by sponsoring one Dream Vacation for a young adult battling breast cancer and a travel companion of their choice, giving them the opportunity to fly again.


What is a Dream Vacation?

A Dream Vacation is a grant bestowed by the Lisa Marzullo Fly Again Foundation, designed for a young adult facing breast cancer and a chosen travel companion. While we may not possess magical powers, our team collaborates with top-tier travel agents to craft a personalized Dream Vacation based on the recipient’s desires. Whether it’s meeting distant family in Finland or experiencing the allure of the Moulin Rouge, there’s a strong likelihood we can turn those dreams into reality. Similar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, our aim is to fulfill your deepest desires!

Lisa's Story

Samantha's Story


Read Lisa's Story

Read Samantha's Story

Read Chastain's Story

I volunteer because it allows me to honor Lisa's memory as well as acknowledge the impact breast cancer has had on my life and many of those I cherish. Through Fly Again, I'm able to merge this meaningful cause with my passion for travel. This work helps me feel connected to a community dedicated to making a significant difference, combining advocacy with adventure

- Lexi Sweet, Volunteer

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Other Ways to Donate

In-Kind Contributions

We appreciate donations of all kinds. Please reach out directly at to discuss in-kind contributions.

Employee Giving

Enable your company's employees to support the Lisa Marzullo Fly Again Foundation through an employee giving campaign. This initiative offers employees the chance to raise funds for our foundation, directly contributing to fulfilling dream vacations for young adults facing breast cancer.

Additionally, check with your company to see if there is a matching gift program that could double the impact of your support of the Lisa Marzullo Fly Again Foundation.

Meet our Fly AF Donors

It’s very rewarding to contribute to a cause that focuses on the mental health and well being of someone going through such a difficult time, a too often overlooked struggle in the battle against cancer. I like knowing that my contribution directly helps them have a trip of a lifetime while also hopefully helping them garner strength through improved mental health.

-Michelle Carpenter

We donate to Fly Again because it feels meaningful to do just a little bit to help individuals find hope and joy during a difficult time.

-Kerry and Paul Boye

I donate to Fly Again because when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer we took a family trip to Chicago and, while we were scared and unsure of the future, traveling together as a family put what was important into perspective. I love being able to give that experience to someone else and bring awareness to young breast cancer diagnoses.

-Jennifer Granstrand
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