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Andrea Oller

General Advisor

Andrea is a 5-year survivor of triple-negative breast cancer. Andrea first met Lisa during her active treatment, and their bond blossomed into an instant friendship. Lisa’s support was pivotal during Andrea's treatment, instilling in her a profound appreciation for life and the courage to live it with boldness, irrespective of challenges. Andrea regards the Fly Again Foundation as a remarkable homage to Ms. Lisa and her vivacious approach to life. Her advisory role within the foundation aligns with her personal convictions about the significance of aiding individuals to rediscover their identity post-cancer diagnosis and treatment through travel and adventure.

Professionally, Andrea is an attorney with a focus on intellectual property rights, branding, and legal compliance within the consumer packaged goods industry. Her current position as Compliance Counsel at Ferrero is centered on the North American sector, where she ensures adherence to legal standards and regulations. Andrea's dedication to her profession and her philanthropic commitments reflect her unwavering resolve to effectuate positive change.

In everyday life, you can find Andrea and her family in New England throwing the ball at the beach for their bernedoodle Stevie Nicks.

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