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Summer 2019

Post-Chemo, Mastectomy & Reconstruction

June 17, 2019

Hello my boobalicious boobies! It's Monday and I don't have chemo! WOO! I'm sure you are all antsy for a blog post...or maybe just me?

Anywho, I do have a small scheduling update for those asking: My treadmill clinical trial midpoint test is now TOMORROW instead of today. I had to move it to accommodate some work stuff. After that I won't have the weekly treadmill routine until August where I'll pick it back up for another 4 months. I guess I'll have to "work out" on my own again!

Then the MRI is Wednesday afternoon around 5pm. Those results take a few days, which should be perfect timing for my mammogram on Monday 6/24. That was moved up by two days because of Dr. Sacchini's schedule. SO hopefully, on the 24th, I'll have a definite surgical plan and surgery date from him. It sounds like July 9th may have been booked up...which stinks. But we'll see!

I then have a plastic surgeon meeting on Thurs. 6/27. I had a choice of two surgeons which was honestly very stressful - it was a man and a woman. I was leaning towards the woman because she'll understand how important the visuals are, so I went with her!

Talk to y'all later.

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