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Spring 2019


March 25, 2019

Hello! Chemo #5 in total / #1 of phase 2 complete! It was a long day - we didn’t get home until 5pm.

They took some additional blood work this morning to make sure all my kidney and liver levels were appropriate in addition to my CPC blood counts.

I met with Dr. Seidman and he said that if he didn’t know where my mass originally was, he wouldn’t have felt it. There’s just a small nodule left.


He also said that I typically should have felt at my worst of the entire process last week after completing the AC.... well, knock on all the wood because I felt absolutely fine. With that said, I should fair pretty well over these next 12 weekly sessions.

Chemo was definitely longer today. We were delayed about an hour as they had to wait on the blood test results. All looked good so we packed house into the room- today I was joined by my parents and brother, Dave’s mom and of course Dave. The nurses were not thrilled with all the extra chairs I needed! They started me on the steroids and Benadryl/Pepcid combo. The Benadryl, which is administered to ensure that I do not have an allergic reaction to the Taxol (which could happen but likely won’t), put me to sleep through the first hour of chemo. I’m glad I was asleep because they also iced my fingers and toes for that hour and it wasn’t pleasant. Not terrible, but not fun either! Then onto the carboplatin which was fine. More nausea medicine, which definitely annoys my veins while it’s happening. They get painful in my forearm but it goes away pretty quickly. And then we were done! No steroid pills or Neulasta patch for this phase. I need to drink a lotttttt of water and keep my immune system in tip top shape to avoid getting sick or potentially having to skip sessions.

Visibly, I am definitely starting to lose my eyelashes and a little bit in my brows. I’m trying to avoid makeup but I’m starting to feel like I actually LOOK sick. I feel fine, and with the wig on I think it is less noticeable, but I definitely think I “look” like a cancer patient now. It is what it is. I mean, they are pumping poison through me! I just need to get good at filling in my eyebrows

Today I was able to eat during treatment - think I should tweet this to Chipotle?

Talk to you all soon!

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